Highly accurate data

EIGER detectors are capable of delivering outstanding data quality. Data was collected from an insulin crystal at 12 keV with an EIGER 1M prototype at a detector distance of 60 mm. Only 360° of data are sufficient for successful S-SAD phasing at 12 keV.

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Ultimate spatial resolution

EIGER combines the advantageous, sharp point-spread function of a hybrid pixel detector with a small pixel size of 75 µm. This enables high spatial resolution and allows for separation of the closely spaced reflections along a long unit cell axis. In the example shown, the reflections of a cell axis longer than 1000 Å are well separated at a detector distance of 340 mm using 12.4-keV X-rays. At this distance and wavelength, an EIGER X 16M centered on the beam achieves a resolution of 2.3 Å at the detector edge.

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