DECTRIS X-ray detectors provide direct detection of X-rays with optimized solid-state sensors and CMOS readout ASICs in hybrid pixel technology. These detectors include 1D microstrip detectors with a one-dimensional (linear) array of stripes and 2D pixel array detectors (area detectors) with a two-dimensional array of pixels. Well-proven standard technologies are employed independently for both the sensor and the CMOS readout ASIC. The X-ray detectors operate in single-photon counting mode and provide outstanding data quality. They feature very high dynamic range, zero dark signal and zero readout noise and hence achieve optimal signal-to-noise ratio at short readout time and high frame rates. Large-area detectors with dedicated active areas are built of multiple identical modules using a modular system concept.


  • Direct detection of X-rays
  • Single-photon counting
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio and very high dynamic range (zero dark signal, zero noise)
  • Low-energy X-ray suppression (energy resolution by single energy threshold)
  • Short readout time and high frame rates
  • Modular detectors enabling multi-module detectors with large active area