• Applications


DECTRIS detectors have transformed X-ray research at synchrotron beamlines and in laboratory applications. Their unique properties enable improved data acquisition protocols or even completely new experiments, resulting in higher throughput, better data and new science. 

Our detector systems are installed at almost all synchrotron facilities in the world and used in a multitude of applications. Details on selected experimental techniques can be found below:

The unmatched properties of DECTRIS detectors also provide significant advantages in laboratory applications and industrial measurements and a quickly growing number of OEM partners is integrating them in their systems. Detector models specifically designed for laboratory applications incorporate all the advantages of the hybrid-pixel technology at unrivaled value. Applications include

  • Powder diffraction 
  • Pre-clinical imaging
  • Small molecule crystallography
  • Spectroscopy at Fusion Reactors   
  • Surface Stress Measurements

Finally, Dectris is your partner for customized detector solutions. Contact us if your detector has to be operated in vacuum or if your experiment imposes geometrical constraints.