Electron Microscopy

Advancements in electron optics and automation are among the key factors that have enabled Electron Microscopy (EM) to achieve near-atomic and sub-atomic resolution in structural biology and material sciences, respectively. However, the most demanding applications are always pushing technology to advance further; while electron sources are brighter and electromagnetic lenses are more stable and their aberrations corrected, there is still room for improvement in the detection part of the electron microscope. For instance, direct electron detectors have played a crucial role in the resolution revolution that single-particles cryo-EM went through in the past few years. Improved sensitivity and multiple-frame readout allowed structural biologists to collect better cryo-EM data, faster.

We specialize in Hybrid Photon Counting technology and our noise-free EIGER X 1M detector already demonstrated close-to-ideal behaviour in detecting electrons between 40 and 120 kV, as illustrated in a recent success story.

DECTRIS Products for Electron Microscopy

To push the limits of electron detection further, DECTRIS designed a new ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). This new chip will allow even higher count rates and increased spatial resolution with the Time-over-Threshold acquisition mode, enabled by DECTRIS patented instant retrigger technology.

Our EM detectors will be available in different sizes and will provide the highest sensitivity at low electron energies, noise-free electron counting, very high dynamic range as well as very high-count rate. Ideal applications are electron diffraction (ED), microED, Ptychography, STEM, In-situ imaging, LEEM/PEEM, etc.

Finally, a direct electron detector is available for material sciences as well!



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