Electron Microscopy

Advancements in electron optics and automation are among the key factors that have enabled Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) to achieve near-atomic and sub-atomic resolution in structural biology and materials science, respectively. However, the most demanding applications are always pushing technology to advance further; while electron sources are brighter and electromagnetic lenses are more stable and their aberrations corrected, there is still room for improvement in the detection part of the electron microscope.

More recently, our EIGER X 1M detector also made an impact on small-molecule electron crystallography. Read more about Micro Electron Diffraction here.

DECTRIS Products for Transmission Electron Microscopy

To push the limits of electron detection further, DECTRIS designed a new ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). This new readout chip delivers a combination of features that open new possibilities in materials science TEM: up to 18 kHz readout speed and count rates up to 10 million electrons/pix/sec, enabled by DECTRIS patented instant retrigger technology.

Our products, the DECTRIS QUADRO and DECTRIS ELA, are direct electron detectors suitable for the most demanding materials science applications requiring outstanding performances without compromises.


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