DECTRIS’ HPC-detectors feature large active areas. This makes them ideal for collecting data over an energy range of several keV without moving the detector or the analyzer crystals [1, 2]. This movement-free data collection increases the speed and improves data quality. Small strip (pixel) size allows for the premium energy resolution, down to 2 eV [2].

Zero readout noise and noise-free photon-counting enable long exposure times without increasing the background signal. This opens up a path to high-resolution EXAFS and XANES measurements in the laboratory [2, 3].

For further reading on the application of HPC detectors for X-ray spectroscopy please download the application note and the publication list.   

Our detectors feature

  • No-noise performance
  • Large active area
  • High efficiency for a wide energy range
  • Premium energy resolution
  • Direct detection of X-rays
  • Photon counting mode
  • 3-year warranty

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