Chemical Crystallography

Chemical crystallography, also referred to as small-molecule crystallography, uses X-ray diffraction from single crystals to determine the three-dimensional structures of molecules. Its application ranges from routine structure determination in service facilities to fundamental research in charge-density analysis.

DECTRIS Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detectors offer direct detection that generates high-quantum efficiency while single-photon counting eliminates readout noise and dark signal. The efficient collection of highly accurate data increases throughput in routine measurements and maximizes the quality and impact of structures in cutting-edge research. HPC technology’s accurate detection of strong and weak intensities is a powerful advantage in demanding applications such as determination of absolute structures or in charge-density analysis. Fluorescence background suppression is another HPC detector benefit that is not available in charge-integrating detectors. This feature can vastly enhance data quality when working with challenging samples that exhibit fluorescence.


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