Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)

The basic principle of DSA is to acquire a static image in the initial stage of the examination and subtract it to the subsequent flow of dynamic images. This examination technique is adequate for static imaging. However, traditional detectors struggle to properly remove the background during dynamic imaging.

HPC detectors with high spatial resolution and spectral capabilities change the game by enabling dynamic spectral subtraction and resolving motion artifact issues.

On the following study the coronary arteries of a whole pig heart were imaged with our spectral photon-counting detector after injection of contrast material.

Coronary angiography with a spectral photon-counting detector: a) Soft tissue image, b) iodine image. Courtesy of T. Sellerer, K. Mechlem, S. Ehn, M. Duda, E. Braig, P. Noël, D. Muenzel, J. Herzen, F. Pfeiffer, E. Rummeny, TU Munich, Germany.

Spectral photon-counting angiography allows single-shot, iodine-only images. This technology highlights the vascular structures and reduces the radiation dose received by the patient. Spectral photon-counting detectors extend the possibilities of X-ray coronary angiography; an invaluable tool for the diagnosis of heart disease.