X-Ray Powder Diffraction

Specific features of detectors based on HPC technology enabled numerous advances in the characterization of polycrystalline samples.

The outstanding data quality allows for ab initio crystal structure determination and structure refinement down to the finest detail, such as disorder in organic molecules and the description of pore content in microporous/macroporous materials. In some cases, the outstanding data quality can even allow for unrestrained refinement in structure analysis with accuracy comparable to single-crystal data.

Fast readouts, high frame rates and short dead times of HPC-detectors open up new possibilities in the time-resolved experiments. Dynamic processes can be followed in a sub-second regime, and pump-and-probe experiments can be carried with gating time down to 20 ns.

Our detectors feature

  • No readout noise or dark current
  • Best signal-to-noise ratio for wide energy range
  • High frame rates
  • Paramount resolution
  • Modular design for a wide angular coverage


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