OLD-EIGER2 X and XE CdTe for Synchrotron

Developed for high-energy applications, EIGER2 X CdTe and EIGER2 XE CdTe X-ray detectors combine high performance with easy integration and operation. Equipped with a cadmium-telluride sensor, they provide high quantum efficiency for hard X-ray energies up to 100 keV, with the added benefit of  high spatial resolution due to the pixel size of 75 µm.

Thanks to the dead-time-free readout, you won't lose photons between frames. Two adjustable energy thresholds will enable you to simultaneously discriminate fluorescence background (the lower threshold) and measure the contribution of higher harmonics (the upper threshold). With a one-pixel point spread function (PSF) and a count-rate capability of 107 photons/s/pixel, EIGER2 X and XE CdTe detectors will help you collect more precise measurements than ever before. 

This cutting-edge X-ray detector family includes a wide range of detectors with active areas from 77 x 38 mm2  to 311 x 327 mm2. The XE versions combine a large active area with a high frame rate. In addition, both versions strive for high efficiency at high energies, yielding the highest possible resolution and frame rate for next-generation synchrotrons.