OLD-EIGER2 X and XE for Synchrotron

Research is driven by passion and innovation, but most ambitious projects are realized by modern and powerful tools. Synchrotrons keep getting brighter. To exploit the increasing photon fluxes at the most intense beamlines, the EIGER2 X and XE detector series features DECTRIS retrigger technology, first introduced with PILATUS3, and supports a fourfold increased photon counting capability of up to 107 photons/s/pixel.

The EIGER2 X and XE series incorporates a number of additional innovations. EIGER's continuous readout has been enhanced to be completely dead-time free. The detectors now provide a second adjustable energy discriminating threshold and offer gatable detection for pump-and-probe experiments.

Retained from EIGER is the pixel size of 75 µm and the direct detection of photons for highest spatial resolution.

Extremely fast detectors with large areas help you push the limits of your research. Without readout noise or dark current you will measure best data.

Exploit the capabilities of your beamline with the newest detector technology and full support from the whole DECTRIS team.