OLD-PILATUS3 S for Synchrotron

PILATUS3 S Hybrid Photon Counting X-ray detectors are designed for advanced synchrotron applications.

All detectors of the PILATUS3 S series use DECTRIS Instant Retrigger technology to enable non-paralyzable counting for enhanced high-rate counting performance and highly accurate count-rate correction. DECTRIS Instant Retrigger technology overcomes the intrinsic count rate limitations of previous photon-counting detectors. Superior data quality is the key benefit of all PILATUS3 detector systems and is achieved through various unique features: the absence of readout noise and dark current, a sharp point-spread function, and a high dynamic range and counter depth of 20 bits (~1 million counts). State-of-the-art CMOS ASICs and readout electronics enable fast data acquisition. In its standard configuration, PILATUS3 now features 450 μm silicon sensors. Optional 1 mm sensors are available for enhanced quantum efficiency at higher energies.

The PILATUS3 S series makes Hybrid Photon Counting technology accessible to virtually any synchrotron beamline and budget. A PILATUS3 S detector is the optimal choice for scientists looking for excellent data from a fast detector without requiring ultimate frame rates. PILATUS3 S detectors can be upgraded on-site with minimal downtime to X Series detectors. This enables the full performance and features of the corresponding PILATUS3 X detector.