OLD-PILATUS3 X CdTe for Synchrotron

The outstanding performance of the PILATUS3 X Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detectors now is available with the high-energy detection capability of cadmium telluride (CdTe) sensor material. The PILATUS3 X CdTe is the first large-area, single-photon counting detector offering highly efficient detection up to 100 keV. This makes the unique properties of the PILATUS3 detector technology available for hard X-ray applications without compromises.

DECTRIS Instant Retrigger technology and superior product development have delivered a breakthrough in count-rate capability and stability for CdTe — with less than 1% signal variation at 2.5 × 106 photons/s/pixel over a period of several hours. Noise-free single-photon counting plus a 20-bit counter and direct conversion allow weak signals next to strong peaks to be measured with best possible signal-to-noise ratio. Time-resolved and scanning-beam experiments take advantage of frame rates of up to 500 Hz with sub-millisecond readout times — free of image lag. With the PILATUS3 X CdTe detector series, the hard X-ray community’s wait has ended. Take advantage of the largest available HPC CdTe detectors to realize your scientific vision!

"The PILATUS3 CdTe detector allows us to measure diffuse scattering data from strongly absorbing samples. These measurements are only possible with a low noise, high dynamic range detector with sufficient efficiency at the required high X-ray energies."

Alexei Bosak, ESRF, Nov. 2014