OLD-PILATUS3 X for Synchrotron

The PILATUS3 X series is the result of our endeavor to perfect single-photon counting.

Superior data quality, fast data acquisition and versatile operation modes are among the key benefits of all PILATUS3 X detector systems. The PILATUS3 X series excels with frame rates up to 500 Hz and sub-millisecond readout time, enabling novel experimental strategies. Region of interest readout modes allows you to take advantage of highest frame rates with even the largest PILATUS3 X models.

Detectors of the PILATUS3 X detector series feature DECTRIS Instant Retrigger. This patented technology enables non-paralyzable counting, enhanced high-rate-counting performance, reduced readout time and highly accurate count-rate correction. DECTRIS Instant Retrigger technology overcomes the intrinsic count-rate limitations of previous photon-counting detectors. PILATUS3 X detectors count up to 10 million photons per pixel and second and have no readout noise or dark current, an excellent point-spread function, and an overflow-free 20-bit counter.