DECTRIS is focused on developing and producing high-quality, high-performance hybrid photon counting (HPC) X-ray detectors. We are the global leader in HPC X-ray detectors for science and industry, and develop our technology to advance new markets such as medical, electron microscopy, and X-ray inspection.

DECTRIS provides reliable, easy-to-integrate detectors that enable customers to focus on their unique competitive advantages. With our comprehensive technological knowledge and industrial-scale manufacturing, customers enjoy consistent product quality and on-time delivery. Our noise-free, spectral, and fast detectors provide better data that keeps customers ahead of the competition.

With the world’s most advanced detector technology, we are achieving breakthroughs in performance and precision for all fields of X-ray imaging. Now, researchers and engineers can get more accurate data for faster analysis and product development.

We have achieved a leap forward in performance and precision for medical X-ray systems. With dual-energy and spectral imaging, DECTRIS is the only X-ray detector supplier that offers researchers high-quality color images with the greatest geometrical accuracy, sensitivity, and spectral fidelity.

DECTRIS is the HPC detector company of choice for customers desiring premier performance, plus the confidence of working with a stable, trusted technology partner.

While our headquarters are in Switzerland, we also have an office in the United States.