Sun, 17.06.2018 - Mon, 25.06.2018

CCP4-APS School 2018


The School in Macromolecular Crystallography jointly organized by CCP4 and GM/CA-CAT will be held at APS for the eleventh time. The course will offer graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the area of structural biology advanced training in protein crystallography. Most students at the course bring crystals for data collection or previously collected data not sufficient for structure solution. Leading software developers from around the world will present lectures and tutorials on their software and will also be available to help with problems during the hands-on sessions of the workshop.


Andreas Förster, Application Scientist Crystallography, will give a talk on how to optimize data quality with Hybrid Photon Counting detectors like PILATUS3 and EIGER. Afterwards at the beamline, he will help students put the recommendation from the talk into practice.