Mon, 6.08.2018 - Fri, 10.08.2018

Denver X-Ray Conference


The Denver X-ray Conference features sessions highlighting the latest advancements in X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction. Workshops during the first two days of the conference make the participants familiar with basic and advanced concepts of X-ray analysis. Once again, the conference returns to its origins and takes place this year in Westminster, CO, on the outskirts of Denver.


Use the many opportunities to meet DECTRIS at the conference. Marcus Müller, Product Manager XRD, is instructor in the workshop on two-dimensional detectors. David Murer, Product Manager of Industrial Imaging Solutions, will give a presentation on X-ray Nano Computed Tomography Systems in the session on new developments in XRD & XRF. Of course, you can also come by at our booth and talk with us.