Mon, 9.04.2018 - Tue, 10.04.2018

WAM 2018

WAM at ESRF.jpg

Workshop on Additive Manufacturing 2018 at ESRF, Grenoble, on April 8-9, 2018


As a developer and producer of advanced X-ray detectors, DECTRIS is proud sponsor of this 2 day workshop at ESRF. Our Hybrid Photon Counting detectors are applied at many synchrotron beamlines, including the high-energy beamlines at ESRF, where they enable new research opportunities in material science including diffraction-based imaging and tomography experiments.


Meet our application scientists Dubravka Sisak Jung and Tilman Donath at WAM 2018 to discuss how HPC detectors can foster industrial escalation of additive manufacturing.

To arrange for a meeting, please contact Dubravka or Tilman.