DECTRIS Milestones


  • #makEMcount: DECTRIS launches QUADRO and ELA, first DECTRIS electron detectors.
  • CryoEM article with EIGER results becomes the most popular IUCr Journal article ever.
  • EIGER2 X transferred to production in concerted team effort.
  • New Roadmap Owner Team makes project planning more efficient.    
  • Over 120 people work at DECTRIS.


  • First EIGER2 X 16M detectors delivered: two to DLS and one to PSI.
  • Launch of EIGER2 X CdTe series at the SRI Conference in Taipei.
  • Micro Electron Diffraction with EIGER among runners-up for Science's Breakthrough of the Year.
  • EIGER2 R 500K successful in laboratory diffractometers.
  • Our CEO Christian Brönnimann wins the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.


  • Launch of EIGER2 R 500K and EIGER2 X series at the IUCr Congress 2017 in Hyderabad.
  • Delivery of custom-designed PILATUS3 X CdTe 2M to PETRA III and APS.
  • DECTRIS conquers the new world: DECTRIS USA starts operation in Philadelphia.
  • 10,000th PDB entry with PILATUS data.
  • Winner of the Prix SVC 2017.
  • DECTRIS welcomes the 100th employee.


  • DECTRIS celebrates its 10th anniversary!
  • More than 300 detector systems produced and shipped.
  • Five EIGER X 16M systems delivered.
  • The first detectors dedicated to medical applications and industrial imaging are sold.
  • DECTRIS employs more than 90 people.


  • Introduction of the EIGER R and X series for laboratory and synchrotron applications.
  • DECTRIS launches new MYTHEN2 R and X microstrip X-ray detector series.
  • In November, DECTRIS relocates to its new premises in Täfernhof II.
  • The staff number rises to 79.


  • PILATUS 12M-DLS, the largest and most customer-specific in-vacuum detector, is delivered to Diamond Light Source.
  • Introduction of PILATUS3 R, S, and X detector  series and the PILATUS3 X CdTe detectors for hard X-ray applications.
  • DECTRIS exhibits for the first time at the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.


  • DECTRIS installs two latest generation PILATUS3 detectors at Diamond Light Source.
  • Delivery of first PILATUS3 200K systems for the laboratory market.
  • DECTRIS employs more than 50 people.


  • Introduction of PILATUS3 product family.
  • Launch of PILATUS 300K 20Hz - the first Hybrid Photon Counting detector designed for laboratory applications.
  • Delivery of the first customer-specific in-vacuum detector PILATUS 1M-PTB.
  • MYTHEN 24K system is delivered to Beijing Synchrotron.
  • DECTRIS employs 44 people.


  • Six PILATUS 6M detectors delivered to six synchrotrons around the globe.
  • DECTRIS wins the Aargauer-Unternehmerpreis.
  • Strong focus on research and development; at least half of the 40 employees are involved in R&D projects.


  • DECTRIS wins the Swiss-Economic-Award in the High-Tech/Bio-Tech category.
  • Delivery of the first MYTHEN 6K detector system to Diamond Light Source.
  • Fastest growth in its short history: 34 employees.


  • Delivery of the first PILATUS 6M detector.
  • Breakthrough in large-scale production of pixel detectors. DECTRIS delivers 70 systems worldwide.
  • DECTRIS has 20 employees.


  • First large-area detector system is delivered to Diamond Light Source, UK.
  • Introduction of the MYTHEN detector; delivery of first unit at year’s end.
  • DECTRIS moves to its new premises in Baden and has 12 employees.


  • First delivery of a PILATUS 100K detector.
  • Delivery and installation of eight additional systems.
  • First supply agreement with Rigaku signed.
  • DECTRIS is a finalist of the Swiss Technology Award.
  • By year’s end, DECTRIS has six full-time employees.


Sept. 28, 2006
DECTRIS is founded by
Ch. Brönnimann, E. F. Eikenberry,
M. Näf and P. Salficky.