Newsletter July 2018

EIGER2 X CdTe: First results

Scientists at the high-pressure beamline ID27 at ESRF were impressed with the performance of EIGER2 X CdTe at high energies.

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DECTRIS for mardtb

You can upgrade your mardtb with a DECTRIS detector. DECTRIS USA and marXperts have teamed up to make this even easier in North America.

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EIGER2 sales workshop

Thirteen OEM representatives joined us to learn how the EIGER2 R 500K can help deliver better data to the end user.

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EIGER R 4M for macromolecular crystallography

Three very different laboratories have added EIGER R 4M to their diffractometers to make exciting science possible and improve their research output.

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A look back at SRI 2018

It's a marvelous time for X-ray research. More than five decades of development are culminating in breathtaking instrumentation that will enable a wealth of scientific opportunities.

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