Newsletter March 2018

Message of the CEO

Dear partners and friends,
the complete DECTRIS staff gathered in Engelberg in the Swiss Alps in March for our annual DECTRIS retreat. We had a very exciting exchange of results and ideas for products in the coming years. We also welcomed more than 25 new employees, who joined DECTRIS since the last meeting and who strengthen our sales, development and production teams.
We are focusing on the development of our EIGER2 product line, which will be ready towards the end of the year and which will allow many new and exciting applications. Below you find some nice examples of applications which are already possible today!

Yours sincerely,
Christian Brönnimann

Multi-scale SAXS in the lab

Behold the mighty MAUS, a custom-built multi-scale SAXS instrument recently installed in Berlin by Xenocs. Featuring an EIGER R 1M detector on a long translation stage in vacuum, this system delivers optimal data to study nanostructures form 0.2 nm to 2 µm.

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News from our OEM partners: SWAXS with EIGER2

Its small pixel size and zero dark current make the EIGER2 R 500K an ideal detector for recording high-resolution WAXS data. See what our OEM partner Anton Paar achieves with the winning combination of EIGER R 1M and EIGER2 R 500K in their SAXSpoint 2.0 for SWAXS measurements.

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News from our OEM partners: PILATUS3 R CdTe 300K for Ag radiation

Cadmium telluride absorbs high-energy X-rays much better than silicon. The PILATUS3 R CdTe 300K is thus the detector of choice with silver sources. The data quality Rigaku Oxford Diffraction obtain from a highly absorbing hereroite crystal is truly impressive.

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MYTHEN for X-ray spectroscopy

Did you know that MYTHEN is ideal for high-resolution X-ray spectrometry in the lab? The X-ray emission and absorption spectrometer designed at Wigner Institute excels with an energy resolution of 2 eV, while the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for in situ studies presented by Shimadzu impresses by its scan-free operation.

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Winner of 2018 DECTRIS Award

Scanning nano-diffraction produces multi-million pixel images at millions of different sample positions. With an EIGER X 4M at 750 Hz, the data rate is in the gigabytes per second. Markus Osterhoff handles the data inventively and wins the DECTRIS Award for innovation.

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