Season's greetings

Most of you have already heard it: in October, I had the honor to be named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the category Industry/High-Tech/Life Sciences. The award was given to me, but it is really a recognition of the entire company and the community: the excellent team that works hard to develop and market ever better technologies, and the customers who keep pushing us forward.

The award is also a testimony of our top-notch infrastructure featuring in-house labs, cleanrooms, and multi-functional offices; it tells a story of an independent, profitable, and reliable supplier. The award recognizes the vast space of opportunities we have in our core market, synchrotron research, but also in emerging fields like electron microscopy and medical applications.

I am happy, and I am proud. This is a great way to finish off the year 2018 and step into the new unknown. I wish you a relaxing Holiday Season and an inspiring year 2019!

Christian Brönnimann

P.S. If you’d like to see me beam in front of a camera, watch this video interview with CNN Money.


Diamond receives two new detectors with the latest technology to enable world-leading synchrotron research

As part of Diamond’s ongoing commitment to providing the most state-of-the-art facilities to its users and scientists, the facility has just received delivery of two of the new EIGER2 detectors from DECTRIS for its I03 and I04 beamlines.

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Electron crystallography of small molecules: Big impact on science!

The structural chemistry community was recently shaken by two "Eureka papers", as defined by Nature. The collaboration between Dr. Tim Grüne and DECTRIS reports the first structures solved by electron diffraction with an EIGER detector.

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Customer survey: “Very solution-oriented”

Although everyone strives for perfection, a company shows its true colors when something goes wrong. Nobody buys a first-rate detector only to have it stand idle in the corner, so we know that DECTRIS customers have high expectations regarding the service they receive. Earlier this year, we set out to learn how well we have met these expectations, and today, the results are here for you to see.

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Publication-quality diffraction data from the University of Liverpool

The upgraded diffractometer in the Barkla lab in Liverpool complements XFEL beamtime for the study of pH-dependent conformational changes in nitride reductases. Samar Hasnain and Svetlana Antonyuk's groups collect close-to-synchrotron data with 24/7 beam availability.

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DECTRIS USA anniversary: Full US experience since 2017

This November, DECTRIS USA have been working with customers for a full year. Its first year was spent building up the Support team, equipping the Philadelphia office, and meeting customers and partners on their home turf.

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