01. July 2019

DECTRIS conference summer brings disruptive tools for synchrotrons, laboratories, and electron microscopy

The exceptionally compact PILATUS3 100K-M  is not the only new product from DECTRIS this summer. Other new developments are unveiled at The American Crystallographic Association’s Annual Meeting in Covington, KY, Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting in Portland, OR, and the European Crystallographic Meeting in Vienna, Austria.

ACA: Introducing the fastest large area detectors yet

DECTRIS is organizing a Lunchtime Seminar on Monday, July 22. “This is an interesting event for anyone looking to gain access to the fastest detector on the market”, hints DECTRIS synchrotron product manager Stefan Brandstetter. The seminar features speakers from both DECTRIS Switzerland and DECTRIS USA, and Katherine McAuley from Diamond Light Source shares her experiences with the new tool.

DECTRIS will also contribute to exciting presentations and posters as well as spark conversations at the exhibition booth #321, so drop by for the latest news even if you can’t make it to the Lunchtime Seminar!

M&M: Starting a new era in electron microscopy

At last year’s M&M, DECTRIS introduced QUADRO, the first DECTRIS camera optimized for electron microscopy. This year QUADRO is finalized and ready to order, and it comes with further products developed for this field. DECTRIS is the new kid on the block in the electron microscopy world, and it’s a kid worth knowing: the disruptive single-electron counting technology enables unprecedented speed and resolution with common electron microscopes. “The benefits long known to synchrotron scientists around the world have been transferred to electron microscopes”, explains DECTRIS EM business development manager Sacha De Carlo.

DECTRIS has an electron microscope fitted with QUADRO at its booth #1002, so you can see detector live and in action all through the conference. NION is also presenting their solutions with a new DECTRIS EM detector right next to us.

ECM: Synchrotron-grade technology in laboratory instruments

Together with a global partner network of equipment manufacturers, DECTRIS serves a range of customers interested in synchrotron-grade performance in their home laboratories. As we update our synchrotron product families, we make sure to bring the same benefits to our laboratory line-up. “Further details will be unveiled at the Lunchtime Seminar Monday, Aug. 19”, promises DECTRIS laboratory product manager Marcus Müller. The workshop will feature talks from DECTRIS experts as well as from partners like STOE and marXperts.

Another thing worth seeing in Vienna is the poster from Mirijam Zobel, junior professor at the University of Bayreuth. Zobel won the DECTRIS Award with her work, and she will receive the award at the conference.

DECTRIS staff will also be available at booth #37–39 throughout the event, so come talk to us to learn more about our detectors and the manufacturers we work with!

That’s not all, folks! Click here for a full list of events where you can meet us.