23. March 2017

Win a trip up Mount Pilatus

It started in 2006 when the prototype of a new kind of detector was installed at the MX beamline at the Swiss Light Source. Revolutionary technology led to extremely sharp spots on low background, which initially posed problems to data processing programs. Once the algorithms were improved, data of unprecedented quality helped the determination of increasing numbers of structures.
Last year, 30% of all structures released by the PDB, slightly more than 3000 entries, were solved with PILATUS data. As of this week, this has added up to a total of 9889 structures. At the current rate of deposition, we'll break though 10,000 next Wednesday.
The success of PILATUS is the foundation of our success. To celebrate the 10,000th PILATUS structure in the PDB, we invite the author to spend a few days with us in Switzerland. We've put up an exciting program that culminates in a ride up Mount Pilatus in the world's steepest cogwheel railway (small print).
Maximize your chances of winning by releasing your PILATUS structures now!