Specific Solutions - X-Ray Diffraction

X-Ray Diffraction

DECTRIS can develop specific solution detector systems for unique in-vacuum setups in macromolecular crystallography (MX), XRD imaging and ptychography, wide-angular- range X-ray powder diffraction, and more.


The use of long wavelengths for anomalous phasing has long been hampered by strong air absorption and large scattering angles. A PILATUS 12M specific solution, built by DECTRIS in close collaboration with the I23 team of Diamond Light Source (DLS), effectively overcame these limitations. Placing the sample and detector in vacuum eliminates air absorption. The semi-cylindrical shape of the detector covers a 2-theta range of ±100° and allows the simultaneous collection of low- and high-resolution data.

“Long-term experience with PILATUS detectors at DLS, their high data quality and huge scientific success, encouraged us to start the ambitious in-vacuum, low-energy PILATUS 12M development project with DECTRIS. Most important for realizing a complex beamline project, DECTRIS proved to be a very competent and reliable partner and stayed on schedule.”

Armin Wagner, Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK


There's a hole in my detector! This specific-solution system was designed for wide-angle diffraction at high energy while keeping the direct beam for SAXS measurements. Three holes at the right-hand side of the detector window enable the user to let the direct beam pass less than 5 mm away from the detector's active area. This feature comes in addition to the advantages of PILATUS3 CdTe detectors, which offer Hybrid Photon Counting technology with excellent high-energy detection efficiency at high speed.

This detector will be a shared resource among the high-energy beamlines at PETRA III and will serve different applications including time-resolved powder diffraction, pair distribution function measurements, and small-angle scattering.


The EIGER X 4M-PtyNAMi is a customized, in-vacuum detector developed for the “Ptychographic nano-analytical x-ray microscope,” PtyNAMi, at the P06 beamline of PETRA3. Its removable detector window allows for both operation in air, and alternatively, for windowless operation in vacuum. The detector’s delivery of noise- and scatter-free image data makes it an ideal match for the high-resolution imaging techniques being exploited at the beamline: scanning X-ray diffraction and coherent diffraction imaging in ptychographic scanning schemes.