DECTRIS Solutions for OEM Partners

Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partners of X-ray equipment stay ahead of the competition with integrated detector solutions optimized for their products.

Make the difference

DECTRIS specific solutions offer unique opportunities for X-ray instrument manufacturers. Combine your application knowledge with our experience to achieve customized solutions that create unique competitive advantages for your instruments. Contact us and discuss a rapid and cost-effective detector solution that unleashes the full potential of your instrument.

Based on a customized photon-counting detector from DECTRIS, Xplorex developed "THE PLANET", a portable x-ray diffraction system, offering extraordinary angular range and resolution.

"Development of the Planet relied on specific solutions: geometry, cooling and detector housing. DECTRIS’ expertise and enthusiasm to customize the housing was contagious, and Huber Diffraction took over its production. Together we have brought the HPC technology to portable diffractometers!”

Bert Kinneging, Xplorex

Customized WAXS detector inside the XENOCS XEUSS 2.0  SAXS/WAXS system

“In addition to providing high-quality PILATUS and EIGER detectors for SAXS, the DECTRIS team showed their custom solutions skills while working with Xenocs to integrate the hybrid photon counting technology very close to the sample. The solution enabled a unique capability for simultaneous SAXS and WAXS measurements.”

Peter Høghøj, CEO, Xenocs, Sassenage (France)