Specific Solutions
X-ray detection without limits

Specific Solutions

Would your experiments benefit from an X-ray detector designed specifically for your needs? Unleash the power of your research with a DECTRIS specific solution, a customized X-ray detector system designed to fulfill your individual requirements. Our highly motivated team is here to develop specific solutions for end-users and OEM customers.

Low energy calibration and in-vacuum detectors

Does your field of interest cover light material such as organic matter? Is data treatment very challenging because of parasitic scattering contribution from windows and air gaps? DECTRIS detectors are here for you. Their special ultra-low energy calibrations (threshold down to 1.6 keV) enable low-energy X-ray detection. In addition, they can be operated in vacuum allowing for an uninterrupted flight path from the X-ray source, through the sample, to the detector. EIGER 500K, 1M and 4M as well as PILATUS3 300K are natively vacuum compatible, and other detectors can be made vacuum compatible for you.

Custom Geometries

Does your setup impose severe spatial constraints on the detector geometry and dimensions? Do you need a detector that lets the beam through? DECTRIS' modular detector concept allows various geometries with planar or three-dimensional arrangement of the individual modules. Standard housings can be modified or new housings can be designed to meet your requirements on detection area and available space.

Special Energy Calibrations

Do you need more than an image and want to explore the energy dimension? Go one step further and collect spectral information with DECTRIS detectors! Each pixel has a low-energy threshold and only counts photons with energies above the selected threshold value. Special energy calibrations with freely configurable patterns of the energy threshold can be realized to obtain pixel-wise and/or module-wise selectable energy thresholds for advanced spectroscopy experiments.

X-ray detection without limits

Do you have something different in mind? Do you want to push the boundaries of your field of research?  We are willing to go the next step with you. Just contact us and let’s discuss your application!

X-Ray Diffraction

DECTRIS can develop specific solution detector systems for unique in-vacuum setups in macromolecular crystallography (MX), XRD imaging and ptychography, wide angular range X-ray powder diffraction, and more. Read more

X-Ray Scattering

DECTRIS specific solution detectors are highly beneficial for all X-ray scattering techniques. They can cover a wide angular range, allow for windowless systems in vacuum, soft X-ray detection and/or simultaneous SAXS/WAXS measurements. Read more

X-Ray Spectroscopy

Whether for inelastic scattering or fusion-plasma diagnostics, specific solutions based on our hybrid photon counting detector platforms enable construction of superior X-ray spectrometers. Read more

OEM Partners

Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partners of X-ray equipment stay ahead of the competition with integrated detector solutions optimized for their products. Read more

Technical Details

Specific solutions are based on DECTRIS standard Hybrid Photon Counting technology. Read more

Collaborate with us

DECTRIS is ready to collaborate on your most challenging X-ray detector requirements. Read more