Specific Solutions - Scattering

X-Ray Scattering

DECTRIS specific solution detectors are highly beneficial for all X-ray scattering techniques. They can cover a wide angular range, allow for windowless systems in vacuum, soft X-ray detection and/or simultaneous SAXS/WAXS measurements.


The PILATUS3 2M-DLS-L has been designed to collect the WAXS signal in simultaneous SAXS/WAXS measurements at beamline I22 of Diamond Light Source. This in-vacuum detector is based on the PILATUS3 2M and offers an L-shaped sensitive area formed by 21 PILATUS3 modules. The L-shape is achieved by omitting three detector modules in a corner of the rectangular array of 8 by 3 modules.

Direct beam and small angle scattering signal pass close to the detector’s active area and propagate through the evacuated flight tube, which is directly attached to the backside of the detector. A PILATUS3 2M detects the SAXS signal downstream at the end of the flight tube. This unique design allows the WAXS detector to be inside the vacuum chamber and makes windows unnecessary.



There's a hole in my detector! This specific-solution system was designed for wide-angle diffraction at high energy while keeping the direct beam for SAXS measurements. Three holes at the right-hand side of the detector window enable the user to let the direct beam pass less than 5 mm away from the detector's active area. This feature comes in addition to the advantages of PILATUS3 CdTe detectors, which offer Hybrid Photon Counting technology with excellent high-energy detection efficiency at high speed.

This detector will be a shared resource among the high-energy beamlines at PETRA III and will serve different applications including time-resolved powder diffraction, pair distribution function measurements, and small-angle scattering.