Technical Details

Specific solutions are based on DECTRIS’ standard hybrid photon counting technology platforms: PILATUS3, EIGER pixel detectors, and MYTHEN2 strip detectors. All X-ray detectors operate in single-photon counting mode and provide outstanding data quality. They feature very high dynamic range, zero dark signal, and no readout noise. This achieves optimal signal-to-noise ratios even for short readout times and high frame rates.

Large active areas with customer specific geometry are built of multiple identical modules using a modular system concept. Any of our X-ray detector platforms can become the foundation for your specific solution.

Detector module specifications

Detector type pixel pixel strip
Pixel size [µm2] 172 x 172 75 x 75 50
Sensitive area (width x height) [mm2] 83.8 x 33.5 77.3 x 38.6 64 x 8
Number of pixels/strips 487 x 195 1,030 x 514 1,280
Maximum frame rate [Hz] 500 3,000 700
Readout time [ms] 0.95 continuous readout, 0.003 (dead time) 0.3