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PILATUS3 for Synchrotrons

PILATUS3 photon-counting, 172-µm-pixel X-ray detectors are designed for advanced synchrotron applications.

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The PILATUS detectors marked a new era in X-ray detection at synchrotrons, and the latest-generation PILATUS3 is the result of our mission to perfect hybrid-photon counting.

DECTRIS PILATUS3® photon-counting detectors use DECTRIS Instant Retrigger® technology to enable non-paralyzable counting for enhanced, high-rate counting performance and highly accurate count-rate correction. Excellent data quality is the key benefit of all PILATUS3 detector systems, and it is achieved through various unique features: the absence of readout noise and dark signals, a sharp point-spread function, and a high dynamic range with a counter depth of 20 bits (~1 million counts).

  • Fast & precise: these detectors offer single-photon counting, with a count rate up to 107 ph/s/pixel.

  • Versatile: our detectors come in many sizes and geometries, with optional vacuum capability.
  • Reliable: these detectors feature extremely stable performance and radiation hard design. Delivery terms are guaranteed, thanks to streamlined industrial production and top-notch support over the product’s entire lifetime.



PILATUS3 X detectors feature frame rates up to 500 Hz and sub-millisecond readout times — enabling novel experimental strategies.


PILATUS3 X CdTe is the first large-area, single-photon-counting X-ray detector that offers highly efficient detection at energies up to 100 keV.


PILATUS3 S detectors are the optimal choice when you need excellent data from a high-count-rate detector, but do not require the ultimate frame rate.


Frame rate (max.) [Hz] 500 500 25
Region of Interest (ROI) readout Yes Yes No
Readout time [ms] 0.95 0.95 2.03
Sensor material Silicon (Si) Cadmium telluride (CdTe) Silicon (Si)
Energy range [keV] 5 - 36 15 - 80 5 - 36
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Key Contact

Max Burian
Product Manager - Synchrotrons

Tilman Donath
Product Manager - High Energy


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