DECTRIS continues to improve the readout electronics and data acquisition systems of its X-ray detectors by taking advantage of standardized, ever-improving technologies including Ethernet and high speed digital transceivers combined with the latest in FPGA technology. The newest products being developed at DECTRIS are moving to Ethernet as a standard PC interface, and internal interconnects using high speed digital transceivers. The highly qualified team of engineers at DECTRIS continues to redesign and optimize its readout electronics, thereby resulting in an increase and improvement in both the frame rates of DECTRIS products and the stability and reliability of its detector systems.


  • Standard, readily available technology
  • Guaranteed long-term availability, technology support and continuous speed improvements
  • Higher detector frame rates
  • Shorter development times due to more simplified connectivity inside the detector
  • Standard PC/hardware and software interfaces compatible with the hardware upgrades to the latest systems