1. Why does the trigger not work?

Please verify with an oscilloscope that your trigger pulse is present and that the high level is more than 2 V. Never exceed 5 V! Check the Tech Specs for more details. The PILATUS EXT IN (Trigger Input) is terminated with 50Ω, your trigger source must be able to drive that load.

Under certain circumstance the PILATUS cannot wait indefinitely for the trigger to arrive after arming, causing a "DMA Timeout" error.  Please check the User Manual (Chapter 14 Camserver Commands, "ExtMTrigger", "ExtEnable") for details.


2. Can I write the images with a different permission?

Yes! To write e.g. that only the det user gets read and write permissions (600, rw - -) please add the line "umask 077" to the .bashrc in the /home/det directory. 

3. How is the PILATUS image oriented?

The Pilatus images are seen from the perspective of the source. The left side of the image is the left side of the detector; top side of the image is top side of the detecto if you look into the reflecting mylar foil of the detector.


4. I changed the network settings with "yast", now I get the message: "gethostbyname() : No such file or directory" in the camserver window right after startup. What happend?

The reason is probably a missmatch of the hostnames given in /etc/HOSTNAME with the hostname given in /etc/hosts. Make sure they match and restart after the change. 

Make sure they match.
Standard settings (Suse) are:

/etc/hosts:       localhost
# special IPv6 addresses
::1             localhost ipv6-localhost ipv6-loopback
fe00::0         ipv6-localnet
ff00::0         ipv6-mcastprefix
ff02::1         ipv6-allnodes
ff02::2         ipv6-allrouters
ff02::3         ipv6-allhosts       decXXX.dectris.local decXXX

5. I get an error like "*** DCB 1 DMA write was NOT successful; ...", what can I do?

Turn off the detector. Check if all cables are connected correctly on the detector as well as on the computer. Restart detector and Camserver. If the behavior stays the same please contact support@dectris.com with the serial number and as many details on how it came to this behavior. 


6. After installing a new TVX/Camserver version I get: "dcb_count (2) must be >= NDCB (4) Bad return from  dcb_initialize() Camera initialization error -- press to exit"

A TVX/Camserver version that is not matching the detector was installed. For example the TVX/Camserver version 2MF (FAST) is used and the detector is a standard 2M. Get the right TVX/Camserver version for your detector. Contact support@dectris.com with details like serial number previouse TVX version and the version number you plan to install. Don't forget to restart the Computer after installing.


7. After start up it is impossible to get past the DCB 0 read check in the initialization in the camserver window.

  • Please try to restart camserver and tvx.
  • If the problem persists, close all programs and turn off the detector and wait for one minute. Turn on the detector. Then try to restart the camserver and tvx.
  • If you still get the same behavior, reboot the detector computer, restart the detector and start up again.

If the behavior stays the same after you have tried all above mentions things please contact support@dectris.com with the serial number and as many details on how it came to this behavior. 


8. SetThreshold does not work after an upgrade of the the camserver software.

You need to edit the file calibration.def located in /home/det/p2_det/config/cam_data. Add the line "Detector p100k0149" after the header. In this example

  • p stands for Pilatus,
  • 100k for a 100k detector please use the approprite value (100k, 300k, 1m, 2m, 6m) and
  • 0149 for the second part of the serial number (e.g. on the sticker on the back of the detector).

The word "Detector" is the same for all. Please fill in the values correctly. If you are in doubts contact us.


9. Can I switch between different camserver versions?


Assuming you would like to switch to the tvx-7.G.HH-JJKKLL-2M.tgz version. Then you only need to change the link in the /home/det/p2_det/programs/ directory. Open a shell and enter the following:

  • cd /home/det/p2_det/programs/
  • ln -snf tvx-7.G.HH-JJKKLL-2M tvx
Then you need to restart the detector computer and start the TVX and Camserver. Alternatively you can also reload the driver. However, the reboot also reinitialize the RAM. This has an advantage that one continues with a clean system. If the driver is reloaded several times, it can happen that one gets an error in camserver called "mmap for read failed - retry or reboot to defragment". At least then it is necessary to reboot the machine. To avoid this we recommend to reboot after a software update.

Reloading the driver:

Close camserver and TVX

Then as root please execute the following:

  • cd /home/det/gstar/gsd
  • ./gsd_unload.sh
  • ./gsd_load.sh

As normal user again restart camserver and TVX