Hybrid Photon Counting detectors for laboratory and industry

DECTRIS Hybrid Photon Counting detectors have transformend X-ray data acquisition at synchrotrons. Different detector series specifically developed for the requirements of laboratory and industry applications take advantage of DECTRIS’ synchrotron proven technology, while fitting laboratory budgets. Benefit from direct detection with minimal point spread and single-photon counting without any readout noise and dark current in your laboratory.


The EIGER R series features DECTRIS’ latest generation of Hybrid Photon Counting detectors for the laboratory. They combine renowned single-photon sensitivity with a pixel size of only 75 µm. Based on synchrotron proven technology, the EIGER R series offers the perfect match for all of your laboratory detector requirements.

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The PILATUS3 R series brings all essential benefits of Hybrid Photon Counting technology from the synchrotron to the laboratory. As an evolution of the previous generation PILATUS, PILATUS3 R completes the unique advantages of our series of laboratory detectors: DECTRIS instant retrigger technology enables substantially enhanced count rates and highly accurate count rate corrections.

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MYTHEN2 R Hybrid Photon Counting microstrip detectors fully exploit the benefits of single-photon counting technology: noise-free performance down to Ti Kα radiation as well as fast data acquisition maximize data quality and throughput of any laboratory instrument. Direct detection in a silicon sensor offers an extremely sharp point spread function. In combination with a microstrip width of only 50 µm, this provides ultimate angular resolution.

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