A decade ago, the PILATUS 100K revolutionized the way X-rays were detected. Before, prolonged scans with a point detector were the norm. With PILATUS, a single image collected within a fraction of a second provided the same information with better statistics. The PILATUS 100K is not just another 2D detector, it is an array of 100,000 point detectors. This technological leap enabled scientific advances and propelled beamlines into the future.

Are you now looking for a versatile new beamline tool to take your research beyond the capabilities of your trusted PILATUS 100K? EIGER S 500K offers 500,000 point detectors, vacuum compatibility, and a continuous frame rate of up to 3000 Hz. Imagine where you could take your beamline with an EIGER S 500K. Special discount for orders before the end of the year. Ask us for more information or request a quote right now.

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