MYTHEN2 Detector Series

HPC Strip Detectors Tailored to Your Needs

Based on Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) technology, the MYTHEN2 series tailors all benefits of the renowned MYTHEN chip to fit your needs and sets the quality bar even higher than before. The versatile MYTHEN2 R laboratory series is optimized for a broad range of laboratory and industry applications: from residual stress to PDF measurements. The MYTHEN2 X synchrotron series is the optimal choice for scientists looking for ultimate speed, without compromises in data quality or flexibility of the system.

All MYTHEN2 detectors guarantee noise-free performance, maximal resolution and outstanding signal-to-noise ratio for an extended energy range from 4 to 40 keV. MYTHEN2 systems include two module sizes: 1K with 1280 strips, and 1D with 640 strips. Their compact size and symmetrical sensor position combined with a new, compact control unit make the MYTHEN2 family suitable for any diffractometer geometry: from portable instruments to large systems that require tailored multi-modular solutions.

Thanks to its advanced properties, the MYTHEN microstrip detector has been given excellent reviews by scientists working in various fields of research.

MYTHEN2 R Laboratory Series

The MYTHEN2 R series fully adapts HPC technology to all laboratory and industrial requirements. The renowned 50 μm strip width is combined with fast data acquisition and supreme signal-to-noise ratio for energies ranging from Ti to Ag radiation. Compact design, radiation hardness and the new DCS4 control unit make MYTHEN2 detectors suitable for any diffractometer geometry: from portable units to large instruments that require multi-modular systems for wide angular coverage.

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MYTHEN2 X Synchrotron Series

The MYTHEN2 X series guarantees the highest time-resolution for all X-ray synchrotron applications. A frame rate of 1000 Hz is readily achievable even with multi-modular systems operated at 24-bit dynamic range. Combined with supreme signal-to-noise ratio for X-ray energies ranging from 4 to 40 keV, these features bring new meaning to time-resolved and in situ studies.

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