The original MYTHEN module was redesigned to attain a  more compact size and symmetrical shape; making integration of MYTHEN2 R 1K detectors into laboratory diffractometers easier than ever. With its 1280 strips, it provides angular coverage suitable for single-shot experiments. By measuring the regions of interest, in situ studies, in line control and polymorph screening become fast and simple. For even wider angular coverage, up to four modules can be connected to the DCS4 using standard industrial cables. MYTHEN2 R 1K detectors are multi-purpose devices, satisfying the needs of all X-ray diffraction and scattering techniques.


With its 640 strips, this detector offers an extremely compact profile. Its symmetric design and media-free operation make it the perfect choice for portable diffractometers, robots for stress measurements, and XRD benchtop systems. MYTHEN2 R 1D detectors present perfection in a series scale. These are the smallest detectors in DECTRIS’ portfolio that embody all privileges of HPC and single-photon counting technologies. High efficiency, fast readout and supreme resolution bring out the most from even the weakest sources.


Three types of interfaces provide for the convenient control of MYTHEN2 detectors in stand-alone operation as well as for simple integration into any setup. The interface can be created by

  • DECTRIS Ltd. MYTHEN Web Client
  • A socket connection via TCP/UDP from different software packages
  • A SPEC interface.


Detector Systems

A MYTHEN2 R detector system consists of: 1 to 4 MYTHEN2 detector modules (1K or 1D); a Detector Control System (DCS4); a power supply and connecting cables, and a fixation kit for securing positions of cables onto the DCS4.

  • Mono-modular MYTHEN2 R systems are available in CE-certified housings.
  • Multi-modular systems are offered as sets of modules, each in an individual CE-certified housing.


Standard Setup

In the standard configuration, all MYTHEN2 detectors are equipped with 450 μm silicon sensors. Optionally, 320 and 1000 μm silicon sensors are available for increased quantum efficiency at low or high energies, respectively.

Every detector system is thoroughly calibrated and is delivered with a set of calibration files (trimming, flat-field).  The long-term stability of the factory calibration is another excellent feature of MYTHEN2 detector systems; eliminating the need for user recalibration and simplifying operation and maintenance.

A fixation kit is a part of the standard equipment of MYTHEN2 systems. This kit ensures secured positions of cables onto the DCS4 and can be installed or removed depending on the requirement of a specific application.


DECTRIS has the expertise and experience to develop and manufacture application- and customer-specific systems, such as in-vacuum detectors, special housings for mono- and multi-modular systems. Customer-specific calibrations can also be performed.