MYTHEN2 X Series

Microstrip X-ray detectors for synchrotron facilities

MYTHEN detector systems have transformed the standard definition of powder diffraction, giving it another dimension: time. MYTHEN2 X detectors fully exploit this exciting new domain, starting the era of time-resolved and in-situ studies. Renowned for its narrow strip size and sharp point-spread function, the MYTHEN2 X family introduces unprecedented frame rates at highest dynamic range, and pushes the limits of energy range. The Detector Control System (DCS4) with electronic gating and external trigger allows for tailor-made multi-modular solutions and full synchronization of the detector(s) with other systems. The time dimension does not require compromises in data quality or system flexibility. From in-situ stress measurements to fast phase transitions, MYTHEN2 X is deepening the level of details that can be observed in solid-state reactions.

Key advantages

  • Frame rate 1000 Hz
  • Two module sizes: 1280 and 640 strips
  • Short strips for X-ray energies down to 4 keV
  • Thick sensors for PDF measurements
  • Multi-module systems tailored to your needs

Easy Integration

The symmetric and compact design of MYTHEN2 X systems, the supplied fixation kit for the secure positioning of cables on the DCS4 and three available interfaces for detector control (WebClient, Socket connection, SPEC) make integration of MYTHEN2 X systems easy and suitable for any beamline setup.


MYTHEN2 X Detectors

The MYTHEN2 X detector family is designed for the most demanding users who do not accept limits in speed or data quality. The ball is in your court.


  • X-ray powder diffraction and scattering techniques
  • Residual stress measurements
  • Thin film and texture analysis
  • PDF analysis
  • Dispersive fluorescence spectroscopy

A detailed overview of MYTHEN's unique features can be found here and here.


MYTHEN detectors are installed worldwide, covering the needs of diverse beamlines.  Click here for a comprehensive list.

Unprecedented speed

The new MYTHEN2 X synchrotron series introduces unprecedented frame rates without compromises in data quality, system flexibility or price. Frame rates of 1000 Hz are readily achievable with up to four detector modules operated at 24-bit dynamic range. These unique features have the potential to boost all time-resolved experiments and to make them affordable to everyone.

Tailored to your needs

MYTHEN2 X series tailor all renowned benefits of MYTHEN microstrip detectors to your needs. Hybrid pixel counting and single-photon counting technologies are now embodied in three sensor thicknesses and two strip lengths, covering the needs of all X-ray analyses in an energy range between 4 and 40 keV. The redesigned MYTHEN2 module is now available in two sizes: MYTHEN2 X 1K with 1280 strips and MYTHEN2 X 1D with 640 strips. The compact size and symmetrical sensor position of MYTHEN2 detectors are suitable for any diffractometer geometry: from tightest environments to setups that require multi-modular systems. Up to four modules can be assembled in the desired geometry and simultaneously operated using the new DCS4.

The perfect balance between the 320 μm sensor thickness and 4 mm strip length ensures maximal quantum efficiency and optimal signal-to-noise ratios for energies as low as 4 keV. Combined with fluorescence suppression and absence of dark current, these MYTHEN2 systems allow accurate stress and retained austenite measurements to be performed within seconds. Featuring two 640-channel modules, MYTHEN2 X 2D is the ideal solution for stress measurements using the sin2Ψ-method.

Systems featuring 8 mm strip length provide a maximum sensitive area that takes full advantage of synchrotron sources, opening up new horizons in the field of time-resolved crystallography, as well as high-throughput classical X-ray powder diffraction and total scattering measurements.

For users who require large systems that comprise more than four modules, DECTRIS offers specific solutions where traditional MYTHEN modules with 1280 strips are offered as bare modules or in a specific housing.