EIROforum School of Instrumentation

19-06-2017 - 23-06-2017

The fifth school (ESI 2017) is organized by the European XFEL in Schenefeld, Germany, and will take place at DESY, Hamburg. The scientific programme of ESI addresses all aspects of instrumentation related to the missions of the EIROforum organizations.

Sebastian Kasper from Product Development and Diego Gämperle from Support will present a poster during the event. DECTRIS has been sponsoring ESI since its inception.

CCP4-APS Workshop

19-06-2017 - 26-06-2017

The course is designed for applicants with basic expertise in crystallography and experience with the CCP4 suite. The purpose of the school is to address specific problems that the applicants face while collecting diffraction data and while solving and refining novel structures.

Several of the leading PX software developers from around the world will present lectures and tutorials on their software and will also be available to help with problems during hands-on sessions of the school.

Do not miss the talk "Optimizing data quality with Hybrid Photon Counting detectors" of our MX application scientist Andreas Förster.

DECTRIS regularely sponsors educational courses such as this one.

Struktura Meeting

19-06-2017 - 22-06-2017

The Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association and the Regional Committee of the IUCr organize the colloquium Struktura 2017. The aim of this colloquium is the transfer of knowledge about new instrumentation and novel methods.

DECTRIS is proud to sponsor this event. Do not miss the opportunity to talk with our application scientist Dubravka Šišak Jung who will attend the meeting.

Zurich School of Crystallography

11-06-2017 - 22-06-2017

The goal of the school is for participants to gain hands-on experience plus a theoretical background in the art and science of routine crystal and molecular structure determination of small molecules by single-crystal X-ray crystallography, as well as in the interpretation and presentation of results.

DECTRIS is sponsoring this course.

Do not miss the talk of our Application Scientist Dubravka Šišak Jung.

3DEM Gordon Research Conference

11-06-2017 - 16-06-2017

Technical breakthroughs have led to a period of explosive growth in 3DEM, which has become a powerful and popular tool for studying the structures of biological objects. This has brought new challenges in sample preparation, automation, access to equipment, training, validation and dissemination.

DECTRIS sponsors this event, which Sacha De Carlo, Business Manager Electron Microscopy, will attend. Do not miss the chance to talk with him about the latest detector developments.

Biozentrum Basel PhD Retreat

08-06-2017 - 10-06-2017

This retreat an exceptional opportunity for Biozentrum Basel and Pharmazentrum Basel PhD student to meet their colleagues in a friendly environment and discuss science. This year there are three keynote speakers at the retreat:

  • Dr. Randall Platt (ETH Zürich, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering, Basel)
  • Dr. Pascal Haenggi (Chief Scientific Officer at Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals, Basel)
  • Dr. Matthias Wittwer (Scientist at the Bacteriology branch of the Spiez Laboratory)

DECTRIS proudly sponsors this event to make the participation of students possible free of charge.

Swiss Congress of Radiology

08-06-2017 - 10-06-2017

The Swiss Congress of Radiology – short SCR – is the biggest radiological scientific and educational meeting of Switzerland with an average attendance of over 1,200 professional and industry delegates. It is held every year in a different city in Switzerland.

Meet Christian Brönnimann, Alexandre Guiller and Spyros Gkoumas at our booth #39b to discuss how DECTRIS Hybrid Photon Counting detectors with spectral information can improve your images.

ERICE Crystallography School

01-06-2017 - 11-06-2017

In 1969, after almost 35 years of hard work, Dorothy Hodgkin solved the structure of insulin. Today, more than 10 000 protein structures are solved only by PILATUS and EIGER data, and the community tackles increasingly large systems and complex biological mechanisms. This year’s ERICE school celebrates its 50th anniversary by reflecting on the past and focusing on the modern integrated approaches. Series of lectures spanning from the atomic to cellular scale, hands-on experience in sample preparation and data analyses, and in-depth discussions about variety of techniques will provide a full view into the inclusive discipline.  

DECTRIS sponsors the participation of Mr. Igor Sabljić, a PhD student at Ruđer Bošković Institute in Croatia, where he investigates the structure-activity relationships and mechanisms of dipeptidyl-peptidase III proteins. He is looking forward to expand his knowledge in electron cryo-microscopy and tomography.


26-05-2017 - 30-05-2017

The meeting will provide multiple opportunities for networking: Opening Reception, Networking Mixer, Closing Awards Banquet, as well as vendor lunches and evening poster sessions.

DECTRIS proudly sponsors four sessions: Alberto Albinati's "Important science from small molecule structures", Armin Wagner's "Enabling new science with light sources and hybrid methods" and Stephen Burkley's "Best practices with diffraction images from a known X-ray structure" and "Apply macromolecular crystallography best practices to your challenging diffraction data".

DECTRIS is presented by Marcus Müller and Pascal Hofer at our booth # 316+318. Don't miss Marcus's talks on "Pushing the limits of crystallography with EIGER" and "High data rate processing – a puzzle of metadata, compression and software" and come to our booth to discuss your applications.

Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting

24-05-2017 - 26-05-2017

The inaugural Instruct Structural Biology Meeting at Heidelberg in 2013 successfully showcased integrative structural biology and its impact on biological research and biomedicine. The second Biennial took place in Florence in 2015 and continued the integrative line with an increased focus on innovation. This new edition will include sessions that represent recent structural biology highlights, emerging methods and technologies and results of biomedical importance.

Do not miss Sacha De Carlo, Business Development Electron Microscopy, and meet him at our booth in the exhibition area.