Stefan Brandstetter, Product Manager Synchrotron

Stefan Brandstetter

Responsible for the management of high-performance detector used in research and industrial applications at synchrotron beamlines, Stefan Brandstetter aims to continuously advance X-ray science by providing powerful and reliable detector systems. He is your contact person for customer and product inquiries.

  • 2008: Ph.D. in Material Science - Paul Scherrer Institute
  • 2009: Joins DECTRIS
  • 2012: Head of Support and Comissioning
  • 2015: Head of Product Management and Product Manager Synchrotron

Marcus Müller, Product Manager Laboratory and Industry

Marcus Müller

Marcus Müller manages the product lines of HPC detectors for laboratory and industry. He is dedicated to investigating the requirements of OEM partners and driving the development of new products which perfectly match the needs of customers in laboratory applications.

  • 2009: Dr. sc. ETH Zurich: Structure determination of an alpha-helical pore forming toxin
  • 2009-2011: Postdoc at SLS MX beamlines: Data collection strategies for HPC detectors
  • 2011-2014: Application Scientist for HPC detectors
  • 2015: Product Manager OEM