EIGER Processing Unit

The EIGER Processing Unit (EPU) is a compact system that serves as an efficient complement to EIGER detectors at synchrotron beamlines.

Consisting of a high-end server and powerful software, the EPU XL satisfies your needs for data management and processing at your beamline. Easy-to-use and highly efficient, the software packages offer instantaneous, highly reliable data transfer, fast data processing for single crystal diffraction data, plus data visualization and manipulation capabilities.

If you do not require the EPU XL’s enormous processing power, the EPU mini provides a hassle-free, turn-key solution that ensures reliable data transfer to your computing clusters and storage archive.

Ideal Interface for Beamline IT

With a modern RHEL-based operating system (CentOS 7) and a pre-installed 10Gbit/s high-speed network card (SFP+), the EPU is ideally suited to interface with beamline IT infrastructure. The installation of distributed control systems on the EPU is encouraged.

Key Advantages

  • Extremely reliable high-speed data transfer
  • Data visualization and manipulation
  • Fast crystallographic data processing (EPU XL only)
  • Fast local storage for weeks of user operation (EPU XL only)


Installed Software Packages

  • FURKA and GRIMSEL – high-speed data synchronization software
  • Third-party crystallographic software packages (XDS)
  • NEGGIA – XDS plugin for direct reading of HDF5 data
  • ALBULA – data visualization software


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