EIGER X Detectors for Synchrotron

Research is the continuous quest for excellence driven by curiosity and the desire to overcome limitations. It requires the perfection of measurement protocols and setups. The tremendous progress in synchrotron instrumentation and science is a powerful manifestation of this endeavor.

The new EIGER X detector family provides the ultimate performance for the most demanding synchrotron applications. Frame rates in the kilohertz range combined with continuous readout open new horizons in time-resolved experiments and XPCS. Hitherto prohibitively slow scanning-beam imaging techniques such as ptychography are now becoming routine. High-resolution and coherent diffraction experiments benefit from the small pixel size and outstanding point-spread function enabled by X-ray direct conversion. Highest count rates per unit area ideally match the ever-increasing beamline brightness.

Realize your scientific vision with EIGER X synchrotron detectors, the summit of Hybrid Photon Counting technology.

EIGER X Brochure Adobe PDF, ca. 2.1 MB

Key Advantages

  • Kilohertz frame rates with duty cycle > 99%
  • Continuous readout with 3 µs dead time
  • High spatial resolution with 75 µm pixel size
  • Single-pixel point-spread function
  • Hybrid Photon Counting: Direct detection of X-ray photons combined with single-photon-counting
  • Count rates up to 5·108 phts/sec/mm2
  • No readout noise or dark current
  • Extremely compact housings
  • Room temperature operation of all components


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