With a maximum frame rate of 750 Hz, the EIGER X 4M is perfect for serial millisecond crystallography. Its four million pixels ensure sufficient spatial resolution for all but the largest unit cells.

Its optional vacuum compatibility makes EIGER X 4M the detector of choice for highly ambitious small-angle scattering experiments where the absence of spurious scattering in the beam path and the absence of noise from the detector combine to deliver exceptional results. Combine the two assets - speed and noise-free detection – for ultimate performance in time-resolved scattering experiments.

Specifications EIGER X 4M

Number of detector modules 2 x 4
Sensitive area (width x height) [mm²] 155.2 x 162.5
Pixel size [µm²] 75 x 75
Total number of pixels 2070 x 2167 = 4,485,690
Gap width: hor. / ver. [pixel] 10 / 37
Inactive area [%] 5.6
Defective pixels [%] < 0.03
Maximum frame rate [Hz] 750
Readout time continuous readout, 3 μs dead time, duty cycle > 99 %
Point-spread function 1
Sensor thickness [μm] 450
Threshold energy [keV] 2.7 - 18
Counter bit depth [bit] 12
Image bit depth [bit] 16 or 32
Data format HDF5 / NeXus
Dimensions (WHD) [mm³] 235 x 237 x 372
Weight [kg] 15
Power consumption [W] 300
Maximum count rate [phts/s/mm²] 5 · 10⁸


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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