The PILATUS3 R CdTe 1M is the largest detector for high-energy X-ray diffraction and scattering in the laboratory. Measuring 17 cm by 18 cm, the detector area is close to an ideal square shape and covers more than 300 cm2. This allows you to capture more reflections or scatting signal in any sample orientation and with a single detector position. CdTe sensors offer best quantum efficiency for photons generated on Mo, In or Ag sources. Direct conversion ensures the sharpest resolution of diffraction signals and avoids all the drawbacks of scintillation-based detection.

Along with direct conversion in CdTe, this detector features all further advantages of the PILATUS3 R series and HPC technology. Thanks to the absence of detector noise, better data are obtained from weak signals. The high count-rate performance of the PILATUS3 R series allows you to accurately measure highest-intensity signals from virtually any sample without being held back by the poor dynamic range typical of charge-integrating detectors. Fluorescence background suppression, a unique feature of HPC technology, boosts data quality when working with fluorescing samples such as organometallic compounds.

Specifications PILATUS3 R CdTe 1M

Number of detector modules (W x H)

2 x 5

Sensitive area (width x height) [mm²]

168.7 x 179.4

Pixel size [µm²]

172 x 172

Total number of pixels (horiz. x vert.)

981 x 1043 = 1,023,183

Gap between modules (horiz./vert.), *plus 1 pixels horizontal gap on each module [pixel]

7* / 17

Inactive area [%]


Defective pixels [%]

< 0.1

Maximum frame rate [Hz]


Readout time [ms]


Point-spread function

1 pixel (FWHM)

Maximum count rate [phts/s/pixel]

1 x 10⁷

Counter depth [bit]

20 bits (1,048,576 counts)

Power consumption [W]


Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³]

265 x 286 x 455

Weight [kg]




External trigger / gate



All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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