The PILATUS3 X 2M CdTe detector is the ultimate detector for the high-energy community. With a surface area of 25 x 28 cm2 it is the largest commercially available high-energy photon-counting system optimally suited for diffraction of strong absorbing materials and diamond anvil cell (DAC) experiments. The PILATUS3 X 2M CdTe detector is the first large area, single-photon counting detector offering highly efficient detection up to 100 keV. It makes the unique properties of the PILATUS3 detector technology available for hard X-ray applications without any compromise. DECTRIS instant retrigger technology and thorough product development enable a breakthrough in count rate capability and stability for CdTe detectors, with less than 1% signal variation at 2.5 × 106 photons/s/pixel over a period of several hours.

Specifications PILATUS3 X CdTe 2M

Number of detector modules (W x H) 3 x 8
Sensitive area (width x height) [mm²] 253.7 x 288.8
Pixel size [µm²] 172 x 172
Total number of pixels (horiz. x vert.) 1475 x 1679
Gap between modules (horiz./vert.), *plus 1 pixels horizontal gap on each module [pixel] 7* / 17
Inactive area [%] 8.5%
Defective pixels < 0.1%
Maximum frame rate [Hz] 250
Readout time [ms] 0.95
Point-spread function 1 pixel (FWHM)
Threshold energy [keV] 8 - 40
Maximum count rate [phts/s/pixel] 1 · 10⁷
Counter depth [bit] 20 bits (1,048,576 counts)
Power consumption [W] 250
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³] 384 x 424 x 456
Weight [kg] 46
Module cooling Water-cooled
Electronics cooling Air-cooled
External trigger / gate 5V TTL


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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