The PILATUS3 X 200K-A features an active area of 83.8 x 70 mm2 and is the ideal detector for a wide range of X-ray applications. It is a compact and versatile detector with nearly quadratic shape that allows you to take full advantage of all PILATUS3 features. The smartly shaped front and compact size of the housing enable detection at high diffraction angles and make efficient use of confined space around the sample. Fully air-cooled and with low power requirements, the PILATUS3 X 200K-A is a service- and maintenance-free detector system.

Specifications PILATUS3 X 200K-A

Number of detector modules (W x H) 1 x 2
Sensitive area (width x height) [mm²] 83.8 x 70.0
Pixel size [µm²] 172 x 172
Total number of pixels 487 x 407 = 198,209
Gap width: hor. / ver. [pixel] - / 17
Inactive area [%] 4.3
Defective pixels < 0.03%
Maximum frame rate [Hz] 500
Readout time [ms] 0.95
Point-spread function 1 pixel (FWHM)
Threshold energy [keV] 3.5 - 18
Maximum count rate [phts/s/pixel] 1 · 10⁷
Counter depth [bit] 20 bits (1,048,575 counts)
Power consumption [W] 30
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³] 156 x 155 x 284
Weight [kg] 5.4
Module cooling Air-cooled
Electronics cooling Air-cooled
External trigger / gate 5V TTL


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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