The DECTRIS SANTIS 0804 is the first detector dedicated to offer the spectral and low dose capabilities of Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) technology to the medical imaging community. Where conventional detectors are limited in sensitivity, high-speed detection or energy resolution, the DECTRIS SANTIS 0804 offers all these possibilities in one measurement with no compromise.

The HPC technology provides a completely noise-free image acquisition process. Moreover, its CdTe sensor is optimally suited for applications where a high sensitivity to high-energy X-ray is a necessity (CT, fluoroscopy, SPECT), but also excels for applications like mammography. This unique combination of sensitivity and noise-free detection is an ideal prerequisite for dose minimization. With up to four energy bins available in one single exposure, it enables applications such as Spectral CT or energy resolved X-ray imaging with unparalleled precision. Increasing the discrimination between different tissues and multiple contrast media will extend the diagnostic potential of X-ray imaging.

The compact SANTIS 0804 paves the way towards these new applications and will allow you to evaluate its high resolution and spectral qualities. Empower yourself with HPC technology and explore new paths for medical imaging.

SANTIS 0804 version
High Resolution (HR)
Multi-Energy (ME)
Sensitive area (width x height) [mm 2 ]
80 x 40
80 x 40
CdTe 0.75 mm
CdTe 1.0 mm
Pixel size [µm2]
75 x 75
150 x 150
Number of pixels (horz. x vert.)
1030 x 514 = 529420
515 x 257 = 132355
Number of thresholds
Point-spread function
1 pixel (FWHM)
1 pixel (FWHM)
Threshold range [keV]
10 - 80
10 -80
Energy range
up to 120 kVp
up to 160 kVp
Module & electronics cooling
Air cooled
Air cooled
External trigger / gate
BR_SANTIS_0804_web.pdf Adobe PDF, ca. 2.2 MB

Key Advantages

  • Outstanding count rate stability
  • Noise-free single-photon counting
  • Spectral imaging with up to 4 energy bins in a single exposure
  • No image lag or afterglow
  • Excellent point-spread function
  • Frame rates up to 40 Hz
  • Low-maintenance operation at room temperature
  • Easy integration


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