Maintenance and Service Contracts

Are you looking to keep downtime to a minimum? Would you like to minimize the time and effort required to solve issues that arise with your equipment? Get a DECTRIS service contract!

DECTRIS is pleased to offer customized service contracts with guaranteed quick response times ensuring you the greatest amount of availability.

When you sign a DECTRIS service contract, you are given priority access to all the information you will need to ensure that you have a productive and stable work environment. DECTRIS does its part to make sure that your detector investment stays protected for the long term. Interested in a more detailed description of the service contracts DECTRIS has to offer? Please use the Request a Quote form or contact


Standard Service Contract Premium Service Contract Warranty Extension
Guaranteed response within 1 day Guaranteed response within 4 hours during regular working hours Guaranteed response within 1 day
Annual on-site visit of DECTRIS specialist Annual on-site visit of DECTRIS specialist  
Warranty: All parts except detector modules Warranty: All parts including one detector module Warranty: All parts