In-vacuum detectors

Among DECTRIS' standard detectors the PILATUS 300K and 300K-W can be ordered in a fully vacuum-compatible version with water-cooled modules and electronics. Other in-vacuum solutions can be designed as specific solutions to optimally fit into your setup. Vacuum compatibility to below 10‑6 mbar is achieved. The range of detectable X-ray energies can be extended below the specifications of the standard detectors by special in-vacuum, low-energy calibrations. 

Custom geometries

The modular concept of DECTRIS detectors allows various detector geometries, with planar or even three-dimensional arrangement of the individual modules. Standard housings can be modified or new housings can be designed from scratch to meet your requirements on detection area and available space. 

Special energy calibrations

Each pixel has a low-energy threshold and only counts photons with energies above the selected threshold value. Low-energy, in-vacuum calibrations enable a minimal and uniform energy threshold as low as 1.7 keV of all pixels. Besides this, special energy calibrations with freely configurable patterns of the energy threshold can be realized in order to obtain pixel- and/or module-wise selectable energy thresholds.

tl_files/root/products/Specific Solutions/vacuum_detector_designs.png

The modular concept of DECTRIS detectors enables customized planar or non-planar detector designs.


Specific solutions are realized on the basis of the single-photon-counting detectors PILATUS3, EIGER (pixel detectors), and MYTHEN (strip detector). Follow the links for more details on the specific detectors or read more about our Hybrid Pixel Technology on the Technology pages.

The table below gives a direct comparison of the detector module specifications.

Detector module specifications

Detector type pixel pixel strip
Pixel size [µm2] 172 x 172 75 x 75 50
Sensitive area
(width x height) [mm2
83.8 x 33.5 77.3 x 38.6 64 x 8
Number of pixels/strips 487 x 195 1,030 x 514 1,280
Maximum frame rate [Hz] 500 3,000 700
Readout time [ms] 0.95 continuous readout, 
0.003 (dead time)