Detector systems

A PILATUS3 S and X detector system consists of the pixel detector, power supply, detector server, and connecting cables. The PILATUS3 X 100K-A and 200K-A are air-cooled and do not require a cooling unit. All other PILATUS3 S and X detectors come with a closed-circuit water thermostat for temperature stabilization.

PILATUS3 X 1M, 2M, and 6M detector systems include a PPU mini to ensure stable high-speed data transfer to an external storage (i.e. beamline storage).

PILATUS3 S detector systems can be upgraded on-site with minimal downtime to X Series detectors. This enables the full performance and features of the corresponding PILATUS3 X detector.

Calibration and energy range

Every detector is thoroughly calibrated before delivery and does not need to be recalibrated. The calibration of detectors equipped with 450 or 1000 ┬Ám thick sensors covers a continuous range of threshold energies from 2.7 to 18 keV, except for the air-cooled PILATUS3 X 100K-A and 200K-A whose lowest threshold is 3.5 keV. Excellent data can be obtained with threshold-to-X-ray-energy ratios of up to 75%, e.g. for fluourescence suppression, with an optimum at 50%. Please contact us for further details if you aim to use the detector at X-ray energies below 3.6 keV or at threshold-to-energy ratios higher than 75%. 


All PILATUS3 X-ray detector systems are provided with a camera server program which can be easily interfaced via TCP/IP from different software packages. Examples are available for the interfacing of detectors with SPEC and EPICS (see download section, accessible after login).

Warranty and Maintenance

A 12 month warranty is included with all PILATUS3 S and X detector systems. Warranty extensions are available on request.

PILATUS3 S and X detector systems are completely service-free and require minimal maintance. Maintanence contracts with benefits such as guarenteed response time and warranty for detector parts keep your downtime to a minimum in case of accidental damage to the detector. Read more here.