PILATUS3 R CdTe detector systems provide the flexibility of a versatile software interface for integration of the detector in your own setup as well as the ease-of-use of turnkey systems from our OEM Partners that have PILATUS3 R CdTe fully integrated into their control and analysis software.

For integration in your own setup, PILATUS3 R CdTe X-ray detector systems are provided with a camera server program that can be easily interfaced via TCP/IP from different software packages. Examples are available for the interfacing of detectors with SPEC and EPICS (see download section).

Detector Systems

PILATUS3 R CdTe X-ray detector systems consist of a PILATUS3 R CdTe Hybrid Photon Counting detector, a power supply, a Linux PC, all connecting cables, and a closed-circuit water-cooling unit for temperature stabilization. For operation, the detectors have to be flushed with nitrogen gas or oil-free, dry air at a flow rate of 5 - 10 liter/h. Nitrogen or dry-air supply are not part of the detector system.